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My love of programming and computer tinkering began at an early age.  Back in the days when you still had to dial a phone number to access the Internet, my Dad started teaching my brother and I how to write simple games in Visual Basic; I was hooked!  In high school I was lucky enough to have access to several computer-related courses: in addition to learning how to build and maintain PC hardware, I took the AP Computer Science course twice (once in C++ and again in Java).

In college I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science while at the same time working as a software engineering intern year-round at Raytheon Company. I stayed on with Raytheon after graduation, doing everything from product design to acceptance testing to operational deployment and on-site maintenance. Eventually, I moved to a small Raytheon subsidiary called BBN Technologies in order to pursue and interest in information and software security. Once at BBN I began to focus my career on mobile device software development and security, working with all parts of the stack from hardware on up. A few years later I got the opportunity to focus in on mobile device and application security when Lookout came knocking. In addition to being on the front lines of mobile security, I get to spend a lot of time working directly with our customers.

Throughout the years, I’ve never tired of writing code.  Though my interests have swayed–from Java to C/C++ to Ruby to C#, etc.–I always want to write more code and better code!